At your Home, Car Battery Replacement Service.

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car battery replacement service at your home saves you time and gives you the luxury of a full 3-year warranty so no matter what you get the aftercare you need on a cold winter morning.

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1. Appointment

Book an appointment: Simply Call, Text, Live chat. We're always available to replace your battery at your location's home or workplace.

2. Get a battery Price.

Get your battery price. Our car battery replacement service is free when you buy a battery from us.

3. Fast and effective service at your home

Our mechanics will bring service to you. Or a battery to your home and install it for free! and easily pay online or cash.

Mr Batteries Mobile Battery Replacement

Why we're a great , car battery replacement service specialist company.

  • FREE Installation on all batteries, even if it takes 1 hour to + to replace. We stand by our word.
  • FREE Delivery – anywhere in the Toronto GTA 
  • We bring a new battery to your home at a set time.
  • Time scheduled to accommodate your needs. 
  • Easy online payment (contactless) pay the way you need, as most mechanics prefer cash, we’d prefer you choose the way payment is done. 
  • Terminal cleaning when we replace the battery. we make sure that the connection between the battery and the car is good. a poor connection can damage the vehicle’s power circuit, and add a load onto the alternator.  

If you need a service please feel free to contact us on the below form. If you have an Emergency Service you’re welcome to call anytime.


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    Thank you for Filling out this form. You can also text us. We Will contact you within the next few minutes. Please have you r cell phone close by. We will need a few details of the vehicle. After which the mechanic will be right over. Thank you for Choosing Mr batteries today.

    Mr batteries is a mobile car battery specialist company. We’re a Mobile Motors company that has been designed to provide you with all your battery  and car starting needs. We Bring a full service to your home at a shop price. get service such as: 

    • Car battery boosting
    • Car battery replacement Service. 
    • No start diagnosis 
    • alternator testing 
    • Starter motor diagnosis 
    • Alternator Replacement 
    • Starter Motor Repalcement 

    When you contact Mr. Batteries look forward to outstanding Service that’s always Professional. Because we specialize in a specific group of services we have all that you require for the job. We use professional tools that protect your vehicle.