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Our lengthy hours of operation are 7 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week. Allows you to book a car battery replacement service when you really need help.  Count on us and we’ll solve your problem today! 

1. Get Battery Information.

Select the best battery for your car. Call, and we'll give you the best advice possible. Because every car is different and some cars need a different battery from another. It's our job to find the right one for you.

2. Appointment

Once you got all the details, you can... book your installation at a time that suits you. I'm sure you find us very flexible on timing! After all, it's our job to get your car starting again.

3. Fast and effective service at your home

And voilla! just like that, we deliver a car battery replacement service right at your location. Below we explain how exactly they carry out the service. Scroll down for more handy info if you need to know more.

You Get a 5 star service

Our job is more than just a battery replacement service. We want to make you so happy that you always call us when you need help with your car. We hope to impress you today! 


Aravind M
Aravind M
on Google
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Most reliable and the quickest service I've had with my car parked underground. The technician was very responsive to my emails, punctual and provided me with a great service with the battery replacement. He is knowledgeable, reasonable and very friendly as well. Would definitely recommend this service if you're in GTA!I recommend using mobile motors for pre-purchase inspections.
Alice Mustapha
Alice Mustapha
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Amazing company, responds very fast and will get to you the very next day!!!
Laurie Del-Re
Laurie Del-Re
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Wonderful service. Prompt and courteous. Saved a tow charge. And the diagnostic was thorough. I highly recommend if you have a starter or alternator or battery issue.

We also program Your car battery !

Why Programming ?

Many High-end Vehicles Such as BMW, Audi, Mini, Bentley, and more require the car battery to Be reprogrammed. This Car battery programming takes place only when the battery is replaced—the ECU (Vehicle computer) Will store this as the date the battery was replaced. We'll determine at the time of installation if your car requires this. We'll always have a Reprogramming devices so we do it right there.

We stock a variety of battery brands to meet your requirement.

Wondering what you get with the Car battery replacement service?

  • You always get 100% when we provide you with our services. That’s the MR. Batteries guarantee. 
  • Our warranty gives you a stress-free after-care guarantee. Meaning, if you break down within 3 years of installation, we’ll come to you and assist you.

1. Cleaning Batttey Connectors.

We'll use a cleaner to make sure the battery and connectors have a good connection, so the battery replacement service I did the first time professionally—That's our service guarantee to our dear customers.

2. Remove Acid corrosion with an Electric wirebrush.

As a battery gets older, it gets messy sometimes. The old battery will release acid from the battery during the chemical reaction. This causes corrosion on the metal parts. We clean all this and make sure future buildup doesn't happen.

3. Test the alternator once were done.

Once the battery is installed we test the alternator and confirm that the battery was just worn out. sometimes the alternator can cause a good battery to prematurely wear. We'll test all this. We use fully digital equipment.

Our 3 years battery Guarantee will keep you happy and secure.

The 3-year warranty is available to all batteries we sell. If ever you have a battery issue, we’ll replace it for free for 3 years. 

Alternator Replacement

The algternator is the Genarator in the vehicle. It Generates Electrical current once the battery starts the car. The Alternator takes over the power producing task. When the alternator gets old, the lead brushes within get shorter, or other components get burned. Such as the conductive wire windings. this is normal. The Alternaltor Will then produce too much or too little voltage depending on the problem. both situations are bad for your battery.

Starter Motor Replacement

Due to normal wear and tear, a car goes through the starter wears. The Lead brushes that create the electrical circuit to turn the starter got shorter and shorter. Eventually wearing out. This is totally normal. Every car has to deal with this issue. Luckily for you, we're able to come to you and replace your starter Motor.

No Start diagnosis

When your car isnt working its really frustrating. Is the Car battery the problem. Or alternator maybe starter. Sometimes the fuel pump isn't sending fuel. There is several aspects that need to be looked into when the problem isn't evident. We'll look at everything and make a determination based off that.

Common Questions

Frequent questions and answers We get from our great customers..

Yes we match your battery to the right battery. Every car have a Group number that matches the battery in the car. When you request a battery we check the size of battery based off the details provided. This gives as the information we need. 

If you’re not fully sure if the battery is bad we’ll test the old one and make sure the battery is actually the problem. Additionally we’ll test the charging system. 

I’m 100% sure you can trust Mr. Batteries. We started this business to be different from the typical mechanic shop. We’re mobile and like growing our group of customers. we Want you to keep on calling us when you got a problem. So with that being said, We feel honesty is the best policy. 

We can change your battery as soon as you need us to provided we have the specific battery your car needs with us, at our warehouse. Most of the time we do. so usually within an hour depending on traffic, and busy days. We will get to you the same day in any case.  WE DON’T take any snow DAYS OFF !!!!

Yes all our services are done on your driveway, condo, Apartment, or Parking lot. Our Job is to bring you 100% mobile services. Because when you need a battery its usually an emergency or you cant drive the car. 

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