Battery terminal replacement at your Location

Battery terminal replacement

Battery terminal replacement is a common service when a battery is old. Mr batteries provides this service at your home. We specialize in anything to do with the battery.

battery terminal
battery terminal

Effects on Corrosion on Battery terminal

Worn Battery terminals can cause you problems. This is caused by corrosion buildup on terminals. Creating a bad Electrical connection. Resulting in your car not starting. This happens with Visible Corrosion and corrosion deeper in the bottom of the Terminal . Some times if you leave it for too long the corrosion will spread to the battery cables too. resulting in more damage.

Terminal replacement Process

Have you got Signs of a worn Battery Terminals?  you may need Battery terminal replacements. We Provide this service at your home. We clean off all the Acid Corrosion Buildup. Next, for your convenience we put new High Conductive terminals. We then add A battery Corrosion Repelling spray.

battery replacement services

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