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Car boost in toronto

Nobody likes to say “My car won’t start” Today it’s your turn. Cars are reliable most of the time but can let you down from time to time. Fortunately, you have Mr. Batteries an expert service ready to assist you. Get an affordable car battery boost in Toronto ASAP! Call or text for assistance.


Car boost Toronto: A service that’s fast, professional and reliable. This car boosting service is Available 24 hrs a day. A dead car battery shouldn’t be a problem. Because You have Mr. Batteries to rely on. If you need help, give the team a call. Mr. batteries are waiting to assist you.



Mobile Battery Replacement

battery analysis post boost Free service

Get a FREE battery analysis once the boost is complete. The battery technician will use a test metre to perform a voltage analysis. Sometimes the battery can be affected when it’s drained. If you require a new battery, Mr batteries will install it for at no extra installation cost. A good working battery should have 12.6 Volts. 

Alternator analysis

When a car can’t start, there has to be a reason. The Battery, starter and alternator are all responsible for this job. It would be unfair to you as the customer to not know exactly why the vehicle won’t start. When you request a Car boost Toronto service, the service is more intense than you may think. Mr. batteries prefer to over-deliver. Customer satisfaction is a way to thank you for choosing Mr. batteries.

charging system and boost service

Once the work is complete you get an invoice on your email. The invoice will state the work that was request and vehicle information. the invoice will a link to a safe payment facility online. You are welcome to pay Mr. batteries via e-transfer, cash or Credit Card. 

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