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Mobile car battery replacement in Toronto: If you need a car battery replacement service in Toronto, Look no further. Mr Batteries is a trusted battery specialist. Mr batteries job is  your battery and everything that affects it.
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Mr batteries will visit you at your location an test your battery / alternator. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. A battery test will clarify of a new battery replacement is required.

A good working battery should have 12.6 Volts and the alternator should Charge between 13.5 to 14.5 Volts.

need a starter
Diagnostic test ?

Sometimes a starter motors goes bad due to prolonged use or over cranking when you cant start the car. However the starter is less like to die before the battery. 

How does a car starter work ? The starter gets power form the battery, raw direct current. This is used to turn a tiny gear that spins the engine and allows the Combustion to start. Once the starter cant crank the engine, you wont be able to start the car even with a new battery. 

its important to know if the starter is at fault before changing the battery 

need an Alternator
test ?

Once the battery supplies power to start the car the alternator takes over the duties. The alternator will firstly recharge the battery and supply current for the rest of the Vehicles electronics. 


When the Alternator  stops working  or stops providing enough current, the battery assists in this. the battery can  supply so much power though. In the end you get a dead battery and a faulty alternator.  The charging system if not diagnosed in the early stages of trouble, will cause the battery to run completely empty. its important to know if the alternator is in good working condition.