Mr Batteries Terms Or Service.

  1. Core Deposit – Mr Batteries are charged a core (old battery fee) by the manufacturer to return the old battery. If you’d like to keep the old battery we’re okay with that. You simply pay the going rate for a Core battery From $20.00 as of 01/01/2023 to the current day’s rate.
  2. Warranty – warranty is issued from the date of purchase and any warrant issued is not rest to the date of the warranty. basically, the warranty will and will stay as the date of purchase for the number of years agreed upon that is clearly stated on the invoice.
  3. Services related to battery all depends on the going rate, due to inflation.
  4. Refund -Once the battery is in the vehicle, installed, agreed and paid for, we only offer exchanges no money-back option is provided.
  5. Payments -In Certain situations such as battery-boosting services or late nite appointments require payment before we leave our location.
  6. Car issues – MrBatteries will not be held accountable for any other problems with the vehicle. That happens once we leave the vehicle. Once we agree on the car and the invoice is paid that is proof enough of your satisfaction with a proper professional job carried out.